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What does heartburn feel like

What Heartburn feel like? a very irritating, burning sensation just below or behind the breast bone. Mostly it comes from the esophagus. This pain usually sometimes rises in your chest from the stomach and it may also spread to your neck or throat. How does heartburn feels like is also known as pyrosis, cardialgia, or you can also call it …

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What Causes Heartburn

What Cause Heartburn

What Causes Heartburn When it comes to heartburn, many people think that maybe it is related to one’s heart or something like that. Regardless its name, heartburn has nothing to do with the heart.The question is what causes heartburn ? Heartburn is an exasperation of the esophagus that is caused because of stomach acid. This creates a burning sensation in …

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Stomach pain after eating

As you all know that the main function of our stomach is to break down the food and digest it to extract all the required nutrients from what you have eaten. But as today we are going to discuss a whole lot of things on “Stomach pain after eating”. So firstly, stomach aches are a manifestation of a trouble, preferably …

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Tumor A Tumor isn’t essentially a cancer. The word Tumor merely refers to a mass. For instance, a set of fluid would meet the definition of a Tumor. A cancer may be a notably threatening kind of Tumor. Additionally there are many various stages sort sand kinds of tumors too and treatment varies from kind to type. Most of them …

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Top 10 Causes Of Bleeding Teeth

Here are the top 10 causes: We all know that swollen, sore gums are not only a painful nuisance, but they could be a sign that something more serious is going on. The most common culprit is inadequate oral care leading to a build-up of bacteria and eventually plagueA�and then tartar. What follows tartar build-up is gingivitis, a condition in …

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