6 Diseases You Can Fight By Increasing Your Coriander Intake

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Introduction to coriander

Coriander is basically a semi hard herb that run through seeds and it is one of the few natural crop which is present throughout the year and easily available in every season. From commercial point of view its a cut once crop rather than cut and come again crop. Coriander is considered to be vital element in every dish and cousins especially in Pakistan and India,some Mexicans dishes also includes coriander along with their stalks.


The history of coriander expended from continent across the world through centuries. Greeks Egyptian use coriander for medical purposes. Traces of its use and cultivation also found is some county of England. In Israel coriander is used for cooking while some regions used it for medical reasons. The coriander become popular to south America when it was introduced in Mexico and Peru,they used it in making of chilies and other dishes.


Coriander is natural herb with many essential ingredients that our body need. It is rich in vitamin minerals and magnesium,due to which its has positive impact in our digestion it prevent vomiting main cholesterol level and high blood pressure. Magnesium present in coriander is good for our nervous system and also helps in strengthening of bones.Coriender contain anti oxidant which promotes healthy body. Anti oxidant along with other molecules present in our body is responsible in the prevention of heart related risks.

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Treatment of disease from coriander

Although there are various disease which can treated with coriander or by it stalks. Here are the top six diseases that we can fight by using coriander.

  • Skin inflammation and disorder
  • Low cholesterol levels
  • Diarrhea
  • Blood pressure
  • Mouth ulcer
  • Sugar and diabetes

1.A� Skin inflammation and disorder

Cineole one of the important component of all the essential oil is present in coriander. The major role of cineole and its components is reduce the swelling which may occur in our body due to various reasons,for other swelling reason which is caused due to malfunction of kidney and anemia it also seems to be effective to some extent because some of the components in coriander help the induce of urination and release the excess amount of water from body. Coriander is ideal for the treatment of skin disorders like dry of skin and fungal infection.

2.A� Low cholesterol levels

There are various types of acid which are beneficial to mankind are present in coriander which are effective in controlling excess amount of cholesterol level in the body. They are also responsible for monitoring bad cholesterol through the walls of arteries and veins,thus save us from serious health issues like heart attack and brain stroke

3.A� Diarrhea

Some other components are also present in coriander which are solely responsible for the process of digestion. Proper functionality of liver and bonding of bowls while also reduces the chances of diarrhea. It also helps in reducing diarrhea which is caused by fungal or bacterial infection.

4. A�Blood pressure

Studies shows that by the use of coriander patients reduces the blood pressure which are suffering from hypertension. Number of elements present in coriander which reduces blood pressure around vessels thus reduces the chances of brain stoke buytermpaper.org and heart attack.

5.A� Mouth ulcer

A compound known as citronelol is an essential oil present in coriander as it is the best antiseptic. Other components present in it are solely responsible in preventing mouth infections and wounds to be worsening. They also help in the healing process of mouth ulcer and fresh breathing.

6.A� Sugar and diabetes

Due to various elements present in coriander it has direct impact on endocrine gland and stimulate the pancreas for the production of insulin in blood which absorb sugar from the blood thus maintaining sugar level. This property of coriander is very important for diabetic patient and other related condition in order to maintain sugar level and to perform other functions of the body effectively.

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